We can restore that showroom shine to your car with accurate refinishing, custom painting and a host of other services.

We have built up an excellent reputation among discerning car collectors for carrying out bodywork projects on a range of vehicles.

Our range of bodywork services includes:

  • Paint and Lacquer
  • Touch-ups
  • Welding
  • Rust proofing and anti-corrosion
  • Clean, wash, strip, sand, remove corrosion and fill dents.

Paint Scratches
Single scratches and multiple scuff marks can be repaired and removed quickly. Car colour matching to your manufacturer’s specifications ensures that the damaged area can be painted without requiring full panel or body respray.

Stone Chips
The damage they cause tends to be small, but deep and unsightly. We can for chips, which means only the damaged area is repainted.

Elite Body Repair is a specialist alloy wheel repair centre equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology.

Alloy wheel damage can occur in a number of ways; whether you’ve got kerb damage, chipped edges or your wheels are covered in brake dust, Elite Body Repair will restore them to their former glory.

Our range of alloy refurbishment services make use of state of the art diamond lathes that will profile and cut your alloys, restoring their original pristine condition:

  • Painted alloy repairs
  • Split rims
  • Powder coating
  • Colour customisation
  • Alloy straightening repair

If you’ve suffered a road accident, there’s no need for sleepless nights worrying about how much it will cost to put right.

We are able to make invisible repairs on most cracked and torn bumpers. Using a heat gun, plastic filler and plastic strips, the damaged area is filled and repaired. Once the crack or tear has been mended, the area is primed, painted and lacquered to exactly match the original paintwork.

We can meticulously carry out insurance repairs on your behalf and there’s no need to dread the bill at the end.

We also offer paint repairs and complete re-sprays if necessary so that we may return your beloved vehicle to you in prime condition.

If the bumper has cracks or has holes we will replace and spray it to colour match

all repairs are made good we carefully mask off any areas of the car that doesn’t need painting. Include the lights, Windows and wheels

Where a new colour is being applied, the old colour will need to be stripped back and the surfaces primed and then rubbed down.

The base coat is applied, followed by numerous coats of anti-scratch lacquer. This ensures a lustrous paintwork finish.

Your car is buffed and polished to a showroom finish.

we will fix all the dents that are the consequence of collision. Whether the dent is on your bumper, or side panel, or bonnet your vehicle will repaired as good as new.

We can repair almost any shallow dents on a panel using our PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) method without breaking the paint. This would subject to a physical inspection.


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